Hey there, I’m Katrina and I am the fat girl behind Fat Fitness Girl.Katrina Thom

My husband James and I currently live in Norfolk County (in Ontario, Canada) with our 3-year-old daughter, BG.

I love blogging, in fact I have two other amazing blogs Thinking Outside The Sandbox and Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family.

What is Fat Fitness Girl all about?

Fat Fitness Girl started when I was trying to follow along with a yoga dvd. My body just could not do what the woman on the screen was telling me to do. I quickly realized it had nothing to do with my ability – there was just no way my body could get into the positions as I had body fat in the way.

So, I went to do what anyone does in my situation. I went on my laptop and started googling. I found there are people who have opened up yoga studio just for curvy girls. I LOVED this idea and I wanted to help bring awareness to the body acceptance movement – not just with yoga but in all types of fitness.

The Fat Fitness Girl Manifesto

I believe in a world where we will all be accepted regardless of our body type or body fat percentage.

Have fun, laugh, make friends, respect your critics.

Eat good food and do what makes your body happy.

Dance, hike, ski, lift weights – all while holding your head up high.

You are just as entitled to do what you enjoy as anyone else.

I will be a part of the change I want to see in the world.

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