An Open Letter To The Readers And Listeners Of Fat Fitness Girl

An Open Letter To The Readers And Listeners Of Fat Fitness Girl

An Open Letter To The Readers And Listeners Of Fat Fitness Girl

I need to get this out there. I am a fraud. A complete fraud. At the end of December I started a ‘diet’ (ugh I hate that word) with the full intention of losing weight. I wasn’t sure how I would approach this topic with you as Fat Fitness Girl is all about being happy with who you are and rocking every part of it. So I’m going to do it the only way I know how – openly and honestly …. I would make a terrible politician.

I decided to lose weight for personal reasons including some vanity ones. However, the whole premise of this blog/podcast will not change. I will never, ever, suggest to you that you should lose weight not beat you over the head with it. Will I mention my weight loss – sure thing as it’s relevant to my life right now – but I will also make it clear in my titles so you can ignore that content if you want.

The reasons why I want to lose weight are because of health reasons. Quite frankly, I was not 235 pounds and healthy. Some people are healthy at that weight but I wasn’t. I was eating way too much of all the wrong things. When I started Fat Fitness Girl I hadn’t been as active as I had in the past and was hoping to get back into it. This hasn’t happened.

I used to snowshoe, play on a roller derby league – heck go on hikes for fun but I just haven’t done much of that in the four years since my daughter was born. My hope with this ‘diet’ (my first ever) is that I will relearn how to eat properly. I have no intentions of becoming a size 2 as I do not think that would be sustainable for me. I want to get to a point where I have the energy and desire to partake in all of the activities I love.

I will still be encouraging you to go out and do the things you love regardless of your size. I will also be sharing my story and journey. I am a firm believer in the body acceptance movement and that will not change.

I will leave this be for now but will follow up with a post about week one on my ‘diet’ if you are interested.

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