Awesome YouTube Workout Videos You Can Do At Home

No matter our fitness goal, most of us would love to work out regularly. But if you’re working, parenting, or just living your life, finding time to get to the gym is tough. Even if you somehow find the time, it can be difficult to manage paying for a gym membership each month. And sometimes it’s hard to just get up and get out the door, right?

That’s why it’s great that we have YouTube. There are a LOT of YouTube workout videos out there. You can find videos that feature cardiovascular exercise, dance, Zumba, strength training, Pilates, and more!

If you need to squeeze in a quick workout at home, try one of these awesome YouTube workout videos to get you moving!

Awesome YouTube Workout Videos You Can Do At Home

Awesome YouTube Workout Videos You Can Do at Home

Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance

Bellydancing is a fun and intense way to get in a good workout. Some of the advanced classes can be pretty tough to follow, especially if you don’t know the dance terminology. This Bollywood workout is easy enough for beginners, yet tough enough to get your heart rate up. Plus, it’s just fun to do!

10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs

Cardio exercise is super important for a healthy heart, but ┬áif you want to add a little toning, you’ll need to find a workout that combines cardio and strength. This 10-minute workout does just that! It features upbeat moves that you’ll love doing, plus there’s a core challenge that will work on your midsection. Even better, you’re done in 10 minutes flat!

Six Week Six-Pack Level 1

Jillian Michaels is easily one of the queens of the workout video industry, and for good reason. Her workouts are super tough, but they get results if you do them regularly. This Level 1 workout is the intro to the Six Week Six-Pack workout series and it’s enough to get your core burning! Once you master this level, you can move on to Level 2, Level 3, etc.

Editors Note:

One of my faves is The Fitness Marshall. His dances are fun and set to current pop music.

Do you have any favorite YouTube workout videos? What do you like about them? How do you fit them into your busy life? Share your tips in the comments!

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