My Happiness Is Not Related To My Weight

One of the most destructive things we can do ourselves is to measure success by the number our scales show! You are not that number, and you are so much more than what the scale says. Repeat after me: ‘My Happiness is Not Related to my Weight.’ 

My Happiness Is Not Related To My Weight

My Happiness Is Not Related To My Weight

Didn’t that feel good?

Yes, I am by no means skinny. I know I need to lose some weight, but I also know losing that excess weight is not going to make me happy.

How Do I Know This?

Very simply put is I have been on the overweight roller coaster for my whole life. Yeah, you probably think I am exaggerating this, but it is true! I was born a very healthy 9 pounds 7 ounces, and I loved to eat! My mom has pictures of my with super chunky baby legs and has told me several times that I was always way ahead of the clothing size to my age. She even began sewing so she could make clothes with a bigger arm and leg holes in them.

Now I eventually did what most toddlers do and slimmed down, and happened to stay that way until about age ten. I don’t know what happened at that point in my life, but I remember being so embarrassed about the fact the only pants my mom could get at the time were a pink corduroy. I felt so different than all the other kids! Even though I wasn’t bullied or treated different, I still knew I was heavy, and it bothered me. Thankfully my teenage years I managed to slim up some.

Then I found my wonderful hubby and things changed again for me. I gained those ‘newlywed’ pounds everybody talked about gaining. I was so unhappy and felt like I let myself go. So my hubby and I both started a strict diet, and I became the skinniest I had ever been! It was so thrilling to buy those size two clothes. But was I happy? No! I constantly thought I needed to be skinnier, and I was so afraid of gaining the weight back.

You know what happened then?

We had our first baby, and I still have the weight I gained during that first pregnancy. I have never been able to stay focused from then on to keep the weight off. Each time I would lose a little something would happen. A miscarriage… Another baby… the death of grandma…. a surprise baby…. the list just keeps going on. No, I am not making excuses. I know I stress eat. And, I know I have food issues.

But what have I learned from my weight ‘roller coaster ride’?

Happiness is so much more than our size, looks, or even weight. True happiness only comes from within. No matter how what you weigh (skinny or heavy) your happiness is not linked to your ‘dream’ body. You can choose to be happy and make the best of the situation you are in at the time.

How saying ‘My Happiness is Not Related to my Weight’ changed me?

  • It gives me freedom to accept who I am.
  • It helps me to make the most of whatever size I am.
  • Improves my self-esteem

And, not base my happiness on what the scale says this week! In fact, I no longer weigh weekly. It is just too depressing. Instead, I judge my weight by how my clothes feel.

How are you changing the way you think about your weight and size?

Let me know in the comments how you view your weight. Also, tell me if you plan to start saying ‘My Happiness is Not Related to my Weight.’ 

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