How To Take A Relaxing Bath To Soothe Your Body And Mind

How To Take A Relaxing Bath To Soothe Your Body And Mind

Having a relaxing bath or hydrotherapy had been a valuable tactic for dealing with the stresses of life for at least 4,500 years. It relieves the pressure on our joints and muscles and massages our lymphatic system as well as our aches and pains.

How To Take A Relaxing Bath To Soothe Your Body And Mind

Whether it’s a stress headache, simple tension or one of any number of other complaints, the bath is a place of rest and healing. It has been compared to a return to the womb in its utter tranquility and power of healing over the human body and mind.

Running a bath

It sounds easy, just turn on the taps, right?

Well, almost.

Make sure the bathroom and the bathtub is clean. Run the bath so that it isn’t too hot or too cold. Too cold is uncomfortable while too hot can make you dizzy or leave you exhausted rather than relaxed.

Essential oil

Add 7-10 drops of essential oil. It should be an oil that will aid with relaxing. Lavender is famous for soothing not just a stressed body but also a stressed mind. Whatever oil you choose make sure it is safe to bathe in. Some oils are too strong to use except in an essential oil burner. If you want to use cinnamon or something similar use an aromatherapy burner rather than putting it directly into the bathtub.

Banish distractions

You deserve time to relax and you may have to tell your family this. Ask for help if you need it but find a way to make sure you won’t have to leap out of the tub because of a phone call or a toddler or your cat. This is your time.


A bit of soothing music may help you to really unwind. Pick this out before your bath and make sure it’s not a YouTube video that may have ads or other interruptions.


A cool glass of water or some food or other beverage may come in handy while you’re bathing. Many people prefer light foods like fruit. Strawberries are a favorite bath time snack!

You might also want to bring a glass of wine with you. Don’t drink too much though! If you feel yourself getting sleepy it’s time to get out of the bath. Falling asleep in the bath can be dangerous.

Getting out

When you are ready to get out have a nice, soft towel handy. 100% cotton is best to gently exfoliate and dry your skin. If you have a radiator where you can leave it and your bathrobe to heat it is extra luxurious. Be careful when you get out. Oils and bubble baths can make it slippery.

Don’t get right back to normal life when you get out. Lie down, read a book or put cucumbers on your eyes. Enjoy the relaxation! You’ve earned it!

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