Kale & Pear Green Smoothie

I have been wanting to try Green Smoothies for awhile now but am just not sure how they will taste. I love kale in a salad but that is with dressing and other yummies (sweet potato or dried cranberries) in it.

Kale & Pear Green Smoothie

Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family shared a recipe for Kale & Pear Green Smoothie and it looks delicious.

This kale pear green smoothie is a favorite of my kids, regardless of age. Which I like, because I can whip up a big batch for the whole family which can speed up the process. I also like to chop up the fruit the night before to save time in the morning.

I like that the recipe sounds easy and delicious.

Do you have a favourite green smoothie recipe? I would love it if you shared.

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