My Purple Sweater

When I was in high school a knew what my personal style was. I was this mix between the wannabe skater girl and  the  typical early 2000s large pants and smaller t-shirt person. As I went into College and then later on University my style was kind of the same – jeans and a tee shirt nothing fancy. Then I became a mother and really started to lose myself in my own identity. I used to be this girl who likes to go out and have fun with friends. Who would go out and join different teams and clubs. For example in the University I was on a roller derby team. In college, I would go portaging (canoeing).  My personal journey to really find myself again has been a lot about what Fat Fitness Girl is.

About a year after I had my daughter, who is now 4, I walked into a plus size store for the first time. I realize this is where I belong. the clothes fit me and I was not maxing out or trying to struggle to put new clothes on. I was finding things in the fitting room that actually fit. Let me tell you, this was very exciting. I would buy clothes for work or for an event but never for me. 

Fat Fitness Girl in her purple sweater.

No makeup and hair not done. But who cares? I have my purple sweater on.

Fast forward to a few months ago. My husband and I went to Niagara Falls for our five year wedding anniversary. During this time we did what we really like to do and that is scope out the deals. We went to the outlet mall and in one of the stores I found the purple zip-up hoodie. It had been a while since I have gone into a ‘regular store’, but while browsing through the clearance racks I saw this glorious purple color. I could not resist it. I put on the purple sweater and I felt like me. Not me the mom or me the businesswoman but the me from high school and college and university. The girl who would try new things just because she wanted to. The girl who worked hard and had responsibilities. but biggest responsibility was to herself.

The argument could be made that this glorious purple sweater is not the most flattering or well fitting article I’ve ever owned, but I don’t care. Sometimes clothes are just more than clothes. Sometimes clothes reflect more then just how they look on you. When I’m feeling to ‘Mom like’ or I forget what it is that I love, I can put on my purple sweater. 

Do you have a purple sweater?

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